CAD Services, Raster to Vector, DTP, Graphic Designing Services from USA based company; New Design Associates
CAD Services, Raster to Vector, DTP, Graphic Designing Services from USA based company; New Design Associates
CAD Services, Raster to Vector, DTP, Graphic Designing Services from USA based company; New Design Associates

Word Processing

If you were opening a new office today and had a choice between an in-house and an outsourced solution in data processing, typing or, data entry, what would you choose? Our world today has expectations beyond the traditional considerations of business. So why get bogged in time-consuming data entry processing?

New Design Associates, a high-tech organization, has enabled novel ways of performing Job work in typing and data entry / processing, which would release all your data related tensions at minimal cost. We provide a varied array of solutions, which will give your business the flexibility you had always dreamt of.

At New Design Associates we understand that data is the life-blood of an organization. Accurate and efficient data capture /data entry is critical for transaction execution, decision-making and customer support. To that end, we have developed highly specialized data capture systems. Our processing wing marries traditional data processing services, flexible staffing levels, and advanced state-of-the-art internet technologies to give you a quicker, hassle-free solution that will still be within your budget.

New Design Associates provides high quality, cost-effective and confidential typing and data entry / processing services such as:

  • Order Processing
  • Medical Transcription
  • Mailing List Maintenance
  • HTML Conversion / Coding
  • Data Entry System Integrator
  • File/Data/Format Conversion
  • Surveys (including handwritten and form design)
  • Fulfillment Services (including mailing labels, mail merge, etc.)
  • Data Entry Services (manually, handwritten text and from raster images)
  • Legal Database Processing / Legal Transcription Services (Lease Deeds, etc.)
  • Data Entry / Keyboarding (manuals, books, newsletters, periodicals, magazine, etc.)
  • Typing (WordPerfect, WordStar, PDF Document, Charts, Graphs, HTML, Hyperlinks, Tables, etc.)

Data Entry and Processing Service:

We utilize sate-of-the-art technologies to convert large quantities of paper and image-based forms to electronic data usable in database and document management systems. We provide our services to a variety of sectors that want to outsource their data entry requirement including banks, retail organizations, medical research facilities, universities, insurance companies, mailing service firms, direct marketing and database marketing firms, newspapers, large corporate enterprises, and trade associations.

We help our clients to convert stacks of paper records that have to be replicated electronically into electronic files that are convenient, legal, and quickly accessible. Our Data Processing Services will save you space, time and personnel by reducing the need for paper files. Our procedure incorporates document scanning and advanced data capture and recognition technologies to achieve greater accuracy and efficiency.

Typing Service:

“Is your own secretary / typist too busy to find time to handle your typing jobs?“

At New Design Associates, we will happily help you out at a moment’s notice with all your typing needs. By outsourcing those typing jobs, which you have put aside, your work will remain up to date and better organized for you and your office. We will become your very own personal virtual assistant, who will always be present, backed by the following promises:

  • Spell Checking/Proofing
  • Layout Setting/Formatting
  • Extensive Font Type Library
  • Guaranteed Confidentiality

Just a click away:

We are as close as your computer, phone, mailbox, or fax machine, and we

  • Free up time. That enables you to concentrate on your business
  • Provide rush service (without extra charges)
  • Promise a quick turnaround time (the turn around time varies from 2-3 hours)
  • Reliable, professional and error-free service

Complete Confidentiality:

We give full importance to your confidentiality and that’s why we never use original documents for data entry. We scan documents and then use the scanned documents for data entry purposes. We maintain strict confidentiality in regard to all client information and do not reveal the identity of our clients even to our data entry operators.

Team Composition

New Design Associates’s methodology plays an important role in the proper execution of data entry / processing projects. Our management team consists of versatile professionals and quality experts that strive hard to make New Design Associates the best. All our associates, operation management teams, and quality coordinators undertake the full gamut of activities ranging from the proposal to the final presentation of the reports. We believe in "100% Customer Satisfaction" and “99.995% guarantee” of accurate data.

Why Us?

The range of services that we offer to clients is not limited to run-of-the-mill filling up of data sheets. Our reach is enhanced through integrated communication and a focus on people. New Design Associates helps you achieve the following:

  • Access to expertise, skills, innovation and technologies that would not otherwise be available
  • Greater focus on strategic business issues
  • Reduced operational risk
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Quality Work

And all of this with a guarantee of complete confidentiality.

We believe that our competitiveness and future success depend upon the unrivalled quality and diversity of our assets. That’s why we continually evaluate new software and process improvements that will yield even greater improvements in our service and product levels. Our commitment to quality, confidentiality and the enhancement of our skills, capabilities and technology is second to none.

CAD Services, Raster to Vector, DTP, Graphic Designing Services from USA based company; New Design Associates

We convert sketches, scanned images and legacy documents into standard electronic formats, including PowerPoint, AutoCAD, PageMaker, Adobe Acrobat/PDF, Corel Draw, QuarkXPress, MS-Word, Excel, HTML, Pro-Engineer, Catia etc.

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