CAD Services, Raster to Vector, DTP, Graphic Designing Services from USA based company; New Design Associates
CAD Services, Raster to Vector, DTP, Graphic Designing Services from USA based company; New Design Associates
CAD Services, Raster to Vector, DTP, Graphic Designing Services from USA based company; New Design Associates


We at New Design Associates provide our clients with the highest quality, reliable, professional and confidential transcription services. We offer a wide range of transcription services to our clients and strive to continuously improve our technology and skills with the changing needs of the market. We believe that accuracy along with competency in spelling and grammar form the basis for quality transcription and that’s why we pay so much attention to minute details of grammar, spelling and sentence formation. We help you present a professional image by providing proofed and accurate transcription with corrected grammar and spelling. Discipline-specific terminology and formatting is required to make our work more efficient and useful for our customers.

We can competently transcribe dictation, research interviews, conference proceedings, forums, speeches, discussion groups, lectures, meetings, focus groups, manuscripts, teleconferences and minutes. Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, academic, or simply someone needing to get your notes typed up, you may use New Design Associates as a one-stop shop for all your transcription needs. We will provide the solution that you need to get the job done quickly, within your budget and without compromising on quality.

We provide various types of transcription including:


Over the years, we have transcribed for many hospitals, clinics, private offices, and are proficient in all specialties.


We also specialize in transcription of seminars, interviews, policy and procedure manuals, database input, minutes and everyday correspondence for companies of all types.


Our Audio Tape Transcription services are available for universities, individuals such as students, writers, lecturers and companies, both large and small, as well as seminars, Focus Groups, forums, conferences and lectures. Our professional staff of transcription specialists can accept your transcription materials on digital media (wav file, MP3, etc) or through traditional mini-cassette formats. Our transcribers can transcribe from all types of audio dictation from standard tapes, micro to mini cassettes.

All our employees and independent contractors undergo a thorough criminal background check and sign a strict confidentiality agreement. We have a team of highly skilled transcription specialists. Each member of this team is rigorously trained to meet or exceed the expectations of our customers.

We are capable of providing transcription services for all types of requirements, including:

Accounting System Data Entry Labels Research interviews
  Address books   Lectures   Reports
  Application Processing   Legal documents   Screenplays
  Arbitrations   Letters   Scripts
  Articles   Mailing lists   Seminars
  Books   Manuals   Speeches
  Conference proceedings   Manuscripts   Statement
  Correspondence   Meetings   Synopses
  Depositions   Memoirs   Teleconferences
  Dictation   Minutes   Telephone conversations
  Digital sound files   Notes   Thesis
  Disciplinary hearings   Paper to Digital Mailing List Development   University interviews
  Discussion groups   Presentations   Video tapes
  Dissertations   Press Conferences   Voter Registration Processing
  DSS & WAV audio files   Proposals   Warranty/Registration Cards
  Forums   Radio Programs   Web casts
  Focus Groups   Real Player & MP3   Windows media files
  Form Processing   Recordings    
  Interviews   Research Analysis    


We offer editorial services (proofreading and copy editing), if your transcription needs to be edited or summarized. We have a proofreading department that re-listens to your recording to minimize unintelligible words and to insure superior quality


We understand the importance of getting your data accurate and that’s why we flag questionable data.

Cost Effective:

All our transcription is done by transcription experts at double or triple the speed of ordinary keyboard typists. Our production speed can save you money and time.

CAD Services, Raster to Vector, DTP, Graphic Designing Services from USA based company; New Design Associates

We convert sketches, scanned images and legacy documents into standard electronic formats, including PowerPoint, AutoCAD, PageMaker, Adobe Acrobat/PDF, Corel Draw, QuarkXPress, MS-Word, Excel, HTML, Pro-Engineer, Catia etc.

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